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Why Choose Edmonton Carpeting?

Highest stain removal success rate in the industry. Armed with only the highest quality non toxic agents, Edmonton Carpeting removes urine, blood, red wine, coffee, tea and just about any other nightmare stain. Edmonton Carpeting not only cleans your carpet, we also restore worn down and matted pile. Our scrubbers get down to the base, remove knots, groom and fluff it back up to revitalize carpets that were once destined for the trash. Our low moisture carpet cleaning method keeps under padding and sub-floor dry, eliminating the risk of mold or mildew. Dry = Healthy

Carpets dry in less than 1 hour. Does not leave soapy or sticky residues Green Seal – Hypoallergenic Products Professional, polite & qualified technicians No reappearing stains – 30 day guarantee.

Hardwood floors have been popular in recent years, but today many homes have a combination of carpet, rugs and hardwood floors.

There are several benefits to having carpeting:  It helps with noise reduction, it can look great in any room and it’s fantastic to feel a soft, cozy carpet underfoot.

While there are several benefits to having carpeting, what’s equally important is to make sure you keep your carpet clean from the dirt, stains and other messes that regular foot traffic in your home will inevitably create.

The most common way to clean your carpet is by vacuuming it, at least once a week, perhaps more depending on your family’s lifestyle. For example, do you have guests frequently visit your home, do you have pets and how many children you have?

Vacuuming is important to take out any dirt, dust and allergens that can easily be brought into the house through foot traffic and even through open windows in high-allergy seasons.

It’s also a good idea to have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. While you may be diligent in keeping your carpet clean, the professionals have the equipment, products and expertise to make sure your carpet is as clean as possible, removing as much of the dirt and other irritants out of your carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning will also extend the lifespan of your carpet and contribute to a healthier home environment. It will help those who may have allergies to dust and other allergens that could be hiding in your carpet.

Your carpet need special attention when there are pets in the house. Cats, dog, hamsters, and any other animals with a bladder and kidney will sometimes have an accident that will stain your carpet. Adding to the problem are bacteria, odor, and the high mineral salt content of pet urine. This may mean that untreated spots may never dry completely, especially in a humid environment. Moisture is drawn from the air into the carpet, allowing bacteria to grow and odor to continue until the area is completely cleaned and disinfected.

Also pets can sometimes permanently damage carpet, furnishings, and even walls and floors. The bacteria and dampness make ideal conditions for molds to grow. Extreme odors may require replacement of carpet, sanding and refinishing floors and replacing damaged drywall and woodwork.

There are many steps you can take to protect your carpet.

1. Attend to spots immediately by blotting followed by the use of a good spot remover designed for carpets.

2. When designing your home, consider using area rugs. Area rugs are easy to clean and they allow easy inspection and cleanup of the matting and floor underneath stains.

3. Keep your pet nails trimmed. The length of your pet nails can cause damage to your carpet and flooring.

4. Have your carpet cleaned and disinfected regularly by a professional carpet cleaner and apply carpet protector.

How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

1. Use entrance mats.

Using entrance mats, inside and outside of doorways will reduce the amount of soil brought into your home by as much as 75 %.

2. Vacuum your carpets regularly.

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is very important in having beautiful, long lasting carpet. Did you know that vacuuming is the single most effective means of keeping your carpet clean. In fact 90 to 95 % of all dry soil by weight can be removed from carpet by following a routine schedule. Carpet also require periodic deep extraction cleaning by a professional cleaning service.

3. Clean up spills immediately.

The quicker you attend to spill the easier it is to remove. Always blot the spot with a clean, white, absorbent cloth. Never rub or use a brush.

4. Have your carpet professionally clean. Carpet manufacturer recommend that your carpet be cleaned every 12-18 months. Most people clean carpets when they look bad. Rarely does anyone acknowledge that their carpets needs to be cleaned to protect their health. Every time you clean your carpets you improve the quality of your indoor environment by reducing the amount of pollutants that are in your home.