Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs

Stretching, Restretching & Patching

Loose Carpet and Wrinkle Removal

Loose carpet & wrinkling is caused by a variety of reasons.

  • Improper Installation
  • Dragging of heavy objects
  • Overwetting (Regular Steam Cleaning)
  • Poor quality & worn out underpadding
  • Loose tacks or transitions

Not only are Carpet Wrinkles unsightly but they also become a trip hazard and speed up the wearing process on the carpet, diminishing it’s life by years. Edmonton Carpeting removes wrinkles by stretching your carpet towards wall & seams and trimming all excess carpet to insure that the problem never returns.

Edmonton Carpeting Specializes in many carpet repair services:

  • Threshold & Transition Repair & Installation
  • Burn, Rip or Perminant Spill Patching
  • Torn or Freyed Seam Repairs
  • Loose Stairs & Risers
  • Turf Repairs and Patching
  • Urine & Mold Damage
  • Water Damage Restoration

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